How to draw a coral

Let`s learn how to draw a coral. For example, we are going to draw a picture depicting a sea or ocean bottom. Of course, if only to draw sand and stones that will not be enough spectacular. Let’s decorate the bottom with corals. Corals are colonies of marine polyps with a common calcareous skeleton. Polyps themselves are very small and in use “corals” refers to these exoskeletons.

Corals, actually are very diverse in form and structure. Well, let’s learn how to draw the most common kind – tree-like coral.

Looking at this picture everyone agrees that the name of the tree-like very clearly describes this type of coral. Let’s start with drawing the scheme of the structure of this “tree”.

Coral drawing step by step

You understand that the trunk is thick enough and strong, and the branches growing on it are thinner. In addition, both the trunk and branches at the base are thicker, and toward the end become thinner.

Coral outline

Corals come in a variety of colors, but the most common are white and red-pink. I especially liked the fact that almost all branches bifurcated at the ends .It looks very nice and elegant.

Coral drawing

Now you have learned how to draw a coral and can decorate your drawings about the underwater world.

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