How to draw a killer whale(orca)

Let`s learn how to draw a killer whale which is also called “orca”. This toothed whaleis called the killer whale not in vain. Being a relative and the whales and dolphins, the killer whale preys on those on the other. And it looks so pretty – nice and shiny, like a toy. Yes, looks can be deceiving. Well, in order to learn how to draw a killer whale, we need to have a good image.

But from the photos from the Internet we can conclude that in between cannibalisation, killer whale basically jumps out of water play and frolic. If so, then we will draw a jumping orca.

It will look like this:

Killer whale pencil sketch

A large body shaped like a…banana.

Killer whale step by step

Limbs converted into fins.

Killer whale step by step drawing

Head is relatively small, roundnose. But what a big mouth!

 Killer whale line drawing

Well, we drew a linear contour drawing of a killer whale.

Orca has a black color with elegant white spots. I’m too lazy to paint this beast in black. No offense, I’m just going to draw like this:

Killer whale

and transform into a negative:

 Killer whale colored drawing.

Here it is – quite natural Orca.

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