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Camel coloring pages

Today we are going to paint camel coloring pages. Camel is a large herbivorous animal from the desert and steppes. It belongs to so-called tylopoda (it means swollen foot). There are domesticated camels as well as wild ones. Camel`s legs end with some kind of growths, much different from hooves. Camel inhabits the places with

How to draw a piggy

We continue to study the topic – Domestic animals drawing. Let`s draw a piggy step by step. The picture will be realistic: Do not forget that pig is a domesticated hog (boar). People tamed this wild and violent creature that used to spread terror around it many thousands years ago. And even contemporary pigs are

How to draw a realistic Cow

Today we have a new lessons from general themes – cattle drawing. Let`s learn how to draw a cow. Cow is one of the most ordinary and common farm animals, like horse, sheep and pig. Cows were domesticated thousands years ago for the sake of meat milk and partly skin. It is a fact of

Bullfighting Bull Drawing

I’m not a supporter of bullfighting, but in some countries this entertainment is popular and to such cases even special fighting bulls are bred. One consolation at least that they came up with another option like dancing and gymnastics with the bull, not killing. But the bull ,I guess still takes it very seriously. As

How to draw a Pony Horse tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Pony. But we will not draw a cartoon character, who generally does not resemble pony. Real pony look like this! We will learn to draw such wonderful little horses. I loved prancing white pony in the photos. Now we will draw this fine pony. Pony drawing – lesson 1

How to draw a donkey tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a donkey. The donkey is a relative of the horse and a little bit like this animal. However, there are significant differences. Let’s learn how to draw a donkey and while drawing, we will discuss its appearance. I want to start with baby donkey drawing. I found this adorable little