How to draw a Rhino (rhinoceros)

Let`s learn how to draw a Rhinoceros – for brevity it is called Rhino. On the earth these huge animals have remained small in number – people violently slaughtered them for the horns growing on their noses. In General, now there are five species of rhinos living in Africa and Asia. I have prepared for you two step by step lesson – how to draw African Rhino and twohow to draw Indian Rhino, a total of four patterns. And I warn you – you will have to work hard.

Let`s start with an African Rhino.


African Rhino drawing tutorial 1

Rhinoceros sketsh

If you look at the African rhinoceros is smooth side, you can see that his slightly arched back and a few pendulous abdomen resemble a horse. Withers and croup of the animal as this bityug. African Rhino

The trunk is big, fat and generally quite long.

African Rhinoceros

The legs are rather short and thick. However, you should not present them as columns – they of course have bends. At the ends of the fingers there are hooves. African Rhino step by step

The head of a rhinoceros is large but blunt snout. There is a powerful horn on the nose tilted forward for intimidation.

Note the lugs on top of the head and eyes (small and unimpressive from the fact that it is surrounded by the folds of the skin). Mouth of a rhinoceros is arranged by the type of beak, but won’t understand the term too literally(well, not only birds have beaks, but also turtles and even octopus).

African Rhinoceros drawing

They are also divided into black and white,but we’re not going to go in such detailsthe difference is not so much the color, but rather in the structure of the head.

Just draw the shadows.

 African Rhino drawing

African Rhinoceros drawing lesson – 2

African Rhino drawing

Click the images to enlarge.

Rhinoceros pencil sketh A Rhino Rhinoceros phased drawing

And here is the final Rhino drawing:

African Rhino Drawing

Fast forward to India. We need to figure out how to draw a Asian Rhino.


Step by step Indian Rhinoceros drawing tutorial

Asian Rhino drawing

These rhinos are noticeably thicker and shorter than the African. Their horns are also smaller. But all their body is covered with a very thick pleated armor that resembles the armor of a knight. Rhionceros phased drawing

Draw the torso:

Rhinoceros drawing step by step

The hind legs striding: Indian Rhino drawing

One front leg is bend:

Asian Rhinoceros drawing step by step

The head with a broad conical horn is lowered down:

Indian Rhino drawing

And immediately another lesson – how to draw an Indian Rhino.Don`t stop, draw fast!

Indian Rhinoceros drawing

And that’s a gradual lesson:

Rhino drawing Asian Rhino drawing Indian Rhino drawing
Let’s see how to draw the head of a rhinoceros:

Rhinoceros head drawing

And here the picture of the Indian Rhino as a whole:

Indian Rhinoceros drawing

Well, have you learned how to draw a Rhino?

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