How to draw an Iguana tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw an Iguana.

I have reviewed a lot of pictures of iguanas when preparing to draw these lizards. And what did I see?The main part of the iguanas posing as if doing exercises -push-UPS off the ground. I guess we also have to draw an iguana is in this position.


Green Iguana drawing

I beg you to begin every drawing with sketch. It will give you the scheme for further drawing and you will act according to plan, not randomly.Iguana pencil drawing

You can now draw in accordance with the classical sequence – first the largest part, that is the body.

Iguana body drawing

Iguanas have short, strong legs with clawed fingers:

Iguana legs drawing

The tail is difficult to draw because iguanas usually keep it straight and stretched on the ground and so it does not fit entirely in the frame. We have to embark on tricks.For example, we can bend that tail around iguana.

Iguana`s tail drawing

Draw the head and skin folds on the throat.

Iguana line drawing

Our iguana is green with dark stripes:

Iguana colored drawing

Now we will learn how to draw the head of this lizard.

Iguana`s head drawing

Pencil sketch is very important.If you want to change something,the pencil lines are easy to erase and make corrections.

Iguana`s head

And now the lines should be bright and indelible, they can’t be changed:

Iguana head drawing

Draw a very large mouth, round nostrils and eyes with heavy lids.

 Iguana`s head in profile drawing

Add details: scallop on the head and skin folds on the neck.

Iguana`s head drawing in profile:Iguana`s head drawing

And let’s draw another sporty and romantic iguana.

Iguana colored picture

Iguana colored picture

Iguana step-by-step drawing – lesson 2

Click images to enlarge.

Iguana step by step
Iguana drawing -side view
Iguana phased drawing


And here is our Iguana:

Iguana drawing 13

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