How to draw a Galapagos tortoise tutorial

This will be one of the turtles drawing lessons.

Let`s learn how to draw a Galapagos tortoise.

When I first saw a tortoise near, I was struck not by the shell, but by the fact that the legs were turned and twisted. Yes, the tortoise seemed to crawl on its knees and elbows. Then I thought that this particular turtle … was ill or was deliberately playing the fool. But then, working at the zoo, I had grown accustomed to their strange gait. And today we will draw turtles and try to correctly show their walking style.

How to draw a Galapagos tortoise from the side (in profile)

How to draw a Galapagos turtle in profile)

When I draw a preliminary sketch with a pencil, I tell myself about what the anatomy of an animal is. Yes, my friends, drawing is not just straight or curved lines, no, the drawing must correspond to nature. Having a good draft, you can simply circle the steps that we already understood and already have on the plan.

Draw a shell. In this turtle it is saddle shaped.

Galapagos turtle drawing

The legs, as I have already warned you, are strangely twisted. On the paws there are large claws.

Galapagos tortoise drawing tutorial

The turtle’s neck is long and wrinkled, its head is oval and its mouth is in the shape of a beak. On the legs of the tortoise there are large hard scales, the shell consists of interconnected plates.

Galapagos tortoise outline

Let’s color our drawing. The turtle does not look bright, mostly the color is grayish-brownish.

Galapagos tortoise colored drawing

Galapagos tortoise drawing lesson – front view

Galapagos tortoise drawing lesson for kids

This is also a Galapagos tortoise. Depending on the type of terrain where they live, their appearance may vary. This tortoise, as you can see, has a domed shell.

Galapagos tortoise step by step drawing lesson

That is, this upper part looks like a dome, and the whole shell looks more like a cutlet in pastry.

Now let’s draw big and clumsy front legs, which the turtle puts very in-toed.

 Tortoise drawing step by step

Hind legs are also heavy and clumsy, but so far he puts them correctly.

Galapagos tortoise drawing tutorial

This turtle’s neck is also thin, its head is oval and somehow in comparison with the body and legs – it seems frail and small.

 Galapagos tortoise line drawing

Let’s add details – scales on the legs and a pattern of plates on the shell.

 Gaapagos tortoise drawing

Finally, paint the our Galapagos Tortoise:

Galapagos tortoise colored drawing

I hope, now you have learned how to draw the Galapagos tortoise.


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