How to draw a groundhog(marmot)

Let`s learn how to draw a groundhog(woodchuck). I mean that very rodent, in honor of which the holiday is celebrated – Groundhog Day.

Marmots live in deep holes and we can often see them standing as a pillar on their hind legs next to the entrance to the burrow. We will draw the groundhog just in this position.

The well-fed body is stretched upwards.

Groundhog body drawing

The marmot relies on long-toed hind legs and tail. The tail, by the way, is modest, it is not so long and lust.

Groundhog step-by-step drawing

The front legs are arranged orderly on the tummy. The muzzle reminds a hamster – it is very cheeky.

Groundhog line drawing

It remains for us to draw a mink and add a shadow to the picture.

Marmot and his hole

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