How to draw a baby elephant step by step

Today our theme is how to draw a baby elephant.
I have never seen these elephants in real life, but I love looking at their photos.

Baby elephants are adorable, they are very cute. Very similar to the adult elephants, but with features inherent in the young of any animal – large head, relatively short torso, legs gangly. It is clear, that the calvess have no large tusks. But they are covered with that characteristic wrinkled folded elephant skin from the first days.

Here is our first drawing of a baby elephant.

Baby elephant drawing

This seems to be a calf of an Indian elephant because it`s ears are small and not bulged, and its back is smooth sloping arc, which is typical for Indian elephants.

How to draw an Indian elephant`s baby

1 . Begin with the pencil sketch. I suggest that you always draw a diagram of the internal structure – to show where there are bends in the joints:

Elephant baby drawing

2 . Now we proceed to the drawing itself. First of all outline the torso:

 Elephant Calf Drawing

3 . Add legs. The hind legs have clearly visible knee bends, the fron ones are more strait.

Baby Elephant Drawing

4 . The head triangular with the short trunk and little ears:

Baby elephant Drawing

Well our picture of a baby elephant is ready.

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