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How to draw a Cobra Snake

Let`s learn how to draw a Cobra. How can we guess that this is the Cobra? Yes, of course, the fact that the snake in the picture with its hood expanded. Note that the Cobra is depicted in a typical threatening pose. Sensing the danger or preparing for attack, this snake raises the front part

How to draw a grass snake tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a grass snake. Grass snake is a very common widespread reptile. Although I am an urban resident and I rarely walk on the nature, but I have seen many times living grass snakes. t is clear that the joy of such a meeting is usually overshadowed by the assumption that

How to draw a snake

Snakes belong to the class of reptiles, namely, the squamous group. Snakes differ from their reptilian relatives that they have no limbs and the body very much elongated. The snakes themselves are very beautiful. Moreover, many of them are poisonous and present a real danger. Terrible and beautiful they certainly are a popular subject of