How to draw a Crocodile

Learn how to draw a Crocodile step by step.

If you want to draw a crocodile it is necessary for a start to find out what it looks like.

There are a lot of types of crocodiles, and related to them monster (alligators for example) which are not real crocodiles. Crocodiles despite their sizes are not mammals, they are kind of lizards. Their relationship with lizards becomes obvious when you ones look at their appearance. The common thing is location of somewhat`s legs on the torso. Mammal`s legs in common are directed straight down to the ground and placed in a sense under the body, meanwhile lizard`s or crocodile`s as if protrude from animal`s sides and are directed to the sides reaching ground only after a curve of elbows and knees. Ones I will describe you a structure of different creature`s bodies elaborately. Crocodiles are the creatures of water. It means that most of their lives crocodiles spend in different ponds, not in depths but near the beach, looking for victims or filled their belly drowsing lazily. Elongated body, long tail and muzzle, short curved legs and huge long jaws studded with teeth -whole creatures portrait.

The verbal portrait is ready, but we wanted to know how to draw a crocodile.


Australian saltwater Crocodile drawing


Step 1 -start with pencil sketch .If it looks convincing, you can continue drawing.

Crocodile`s outline

Step 2 -let’s draw the greater part of the crocodiles corpus head and tale.

Crocodile drawing step by step-17

Step 3 -draw the legs. The crocodile shown in the profile -so we can see only two legs.

Crocodile step by step

Step 5 -details of the crocodiles jaws:

Crocodile line picture

Step 6 -All the crocodile`s back is covered with bumpy scales:

How to draw a crocodile

Do you want to beautify our crocodile with shadows and add some color?

How to draw a crocodile

And I suggest to look at one another step by step tutorial how to draw a crocodile.

Crocodile drawing – front view

This crocodile crawling right to us!

Crocodile colored picture

Let us draw this crocodile step by step.

Lesson of drawing a crocodile

Add tail and mussle:

How to draw a crocodile

In general, the figure of a crocodile looks s-shaped.

 Step by step drawing of a crocodile.

Three feet bent at the joints

Drawing of a crocodile

Well our crocodile is ready and looks awesome!

Saltwater Crocodile -one more side view

Step 1 -pencil sketch:

Saltwater crocodile drawing

Step 2 – body outline:

SSSaltwater crocodile drawing

Step 3 – legs:

Saltwater crocodile drawing step by step

Step 4 -add head:

Saltwater crocodile drawing tutorial

Steps 5- Tail!

Saltwater crocodile drawing instruction

Step 6 – decorations and ornaments:

Saltwater crocodile line drawing

A short lesson of crocodile drawing

It is realle very short.

Step 1 -body:

Crocodile drawing tutorial

Step 2 -tail:

Crocodile drawing for kids

Step 3 -legs:

Easy crocodile drawing tutorial

Step 4-head:

Crocodole head and face drawing

Step 5-resulting image:

Crocodile line drawing 13

How to draw a crocodile head in profile

Let’s picture the portrait of a crocodile.

How to portray a crocodile

Terrible, isn’t it?

Now we will draw this creepy crocodile faces step by step.

Crocodile pencil outline

Draw a winding the upper jaw:

Crocodile head drawing-13

The wavy contour of the lower jaw coincides exactly with the edge of the upper jaw.

Crocodile`s head drawing

The mouth opens almost to the back of the head!

 Crocodile head drawing step by step

Eyes on top, teeth sticking out in different directions – handsome!

Crocodile head drawing

Hey, where’s that elephant`s child for my lunch?


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