Paper hen(chicken) DIY

Let`s learn how to make a hen out of paper.

As you can see, it is so simple that there is almost nothing to explain.

We take a square sheet of paper and make shallow cuts on two adjacent sides, these will be the tail feathers.

DIY paper chicken

We twist the workpiece into a cone and glue it along.

Paper hen DIY model

The pointed end of the cone is the beak. You can simply bend it or make a small cut and, bending, glue it.

DIY chicken(hen)

Draw symmetrical eyes on the “head” and glue the decoration – a comb of red paper. Where the legs will be, make two also symmetrical cuts in the body.

Paper hen model for kids

Take a strip of sturdy cardboard for the legs. We will pass it through the slots and put the chicken with reliable support on three points – two legs and a beak.

 Paper chicken model stepby step

f you decide that the chicken will not be stable enough, then you can cut the ends of the legs and put the chicken on the feet with the toes spread out.


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