How To Draw Mommy Long Legs

Mommy Long Legs

Today we’re going to learn how to draw Mummy long legs from the Poppy Playtime universe.
How to draw Mommy Long Legs step by step. 9 easy steps.

STEP 1 – Draw Mummy Long Legs Eyes

Draw Mummy Long Legs Eyes

Let’s start by drawing her eyes, so I’ll draw a big circle. Then let’s go straight to it, not too far apart, and draw another circle.

STEP 2 – Draw Mummy’s mouth and eyes long legs

Draw Mummy's mouth and eyes long legs

Now we have to draw another circle inside which will be a bit smaller and another one as it is shown on the picture .We are going to darken inside circle but we are going to leave small white spot on top left corner .Then we are going to draw her eyelashes
Let’s draw her mouth now, we have to find the middle between the eyes and go a little bit lower as it’s shown on the picture. Make a small curve on top lip and draw bottom lip and then draw smile line in the middle as it is shown on picture.

STEP 3 – Draw hair and face mum long legs

Draw hair and face mum long legs

Ok, then we have to start to frame her face, so we have to have that curly hair on top and her face is oval shaped, so let’s start with the face. We should just frame her face in an oval shape like it’s shown in the picture, okay?
So we’ve created this big oval for her face and then let’s go back here and continue this, so if you use a pencil, just finish this oval first, stop here and say here and then I’m going to swirl, I’m going to go in here and swirl.Then I’ll just go ahead and thicken it for her hair, so just go all the way around and just bring it back here.

STEP 4 – Draw the neck and complement the mum’s long leg hair

Draw the neck and complement the mum's long leg hair

Now we need to create a wavy shape on top, so we need to put a pencil to her hair , and we just draw a curve that tapers for more of her hair on the side, so same thing. Same on this side, just narrowing it there, finally finish with this part
Let’s go to the centre and draw a neck for her and we’re going to bring it out to the side, this long neck is right creepy that’s bulging out, so I’ll just give it a little curve and then I’ll circle it because it comes out straight, and then let’s right here we’ll draw another oval, that goes around right here and then let’s see, you know literally, I had to stick it out a bit more, let’s take it out a bit more, a bigger oval, so come here really quickly, make her body a bit bigger.

STEP 5 – Draw mum’s arms long legs

Draw mum's arms long legsNow let’s start drawing the arms. One of the hands holds Huggy Wuggy (see Our lesson on how to draw Huggy Wuggy).

STEP 6 – Draw Huggy Wuggy in her hand

Draw Huggy Wuggy in her hand

Draw Huggy Wuggy.

STEP 7 – Draw Mummy’s Torso Long Legs

Draw Mummy's Torso Long Legs

Then draw the arm that holds the toy. The arm looks like a hose or rope and make it as gently curved as possible.
Then start to draw the torso. Draw a bagel slightly receding from the neck. As if mummy’s long legs were sitting in a lifebuoy.

STEP 8 – Draw Mummy’s left leg long legs

Draw Mummy's left leg long legs

We’re almost done. All that’s left is to draw the legs. Draw the left leg first with a slight twist.

STEP 9 – Draw Mummy’s right long legs

Draw Mummy's right long legs

Then draw the right leg, but totally different from the left leg.
All that’s left is to paint the drawing with your favourite colours.

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