How to draw an Easter basket

How to draw an Easter basket

Step 1

First, create the border of the basket’s opening by drawing two lines curving upwards. Next, add the basket’s base by drawing a shorter line curving upwards but, this time, farther from the first two lines. The size of your Easter basket will be determined by how far you draw the bottom line from the other two lines

Step 2

Draw a line that touches the ends of each line you made earlier. Do this for both sides as shown

Step 3

Attach the basket’s handle to the body by forming two U-shaped lines

Step 4

Now, let’s add a ribbon bow to the basket’s handle. Start by drawing a circle to form the bow’s center. Then, draw the folded parts of the ribbon. Next, attach the ends of the ribbon by drawing the shape as shown. Erase the drawn parts of the basket’s handle that intersects with the bow

Step 5

Let’s add a weaving pattern to the basket’s body by drawing diagonal lines

Step 6

Continue making the weaving pattern by drawing diagonal lines in the opposite direction

Step 7

An Easter basket is not complete if it’s still empty! Let’s add a few Easter eggs in the basket by drawing ovals

Step 8

Draw circles and random patterns as shown to decorate the Easter eggs in the basket

Step 9

Colorized your drawing

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