How to draw a mountain landscape tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a mountain landscape. Do you know what it looks like? Here’s an example:

I live on the plains, never seen mountains ,and, if I was not told it, I never would have guessed. But we have the Internet and we can get information about everything. Now I know what mountains look like and can even draw on photos.

Let`s start. Well, I chose the clear picture:

How to draw a mountain landscape

And now I’m going to understand how the landscape is arranged. In the foreground we see the lake,but we were not going to draw water, and I will change the picture a little bit. Further on is the background -it looks quite chaotic.

Mountain landscape drawing

Add mountain peaks – the picture now looks like messed up lines.

Mountain drawing

If we are going to draw on black-and-white,it is unlikely that the picture will be clear. I prefer to paint.

Mountains drawing step by step

Hmm.The blue mountain looks very strange under a white sky. Looks like I’ll have to paint the sky.

Mountain landscape drawing step by step.

The mountains and the foreground represent an assemblage of multi-colored spots. The mountains on the horizon are brightly lit, and those mountains that are closer to us are in the shadows. Instead of the lake we draw a green meadow. Look, we’ve got a compelling abstract and realistic picture of the mountainous landscape.

Mountains drawing

That’s the way I’m learning how to draw mountains.

Mountin drawing



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