How to sculpt a camel from modeling clay

Let`s learn how to sculpt a camel from modeling clay. I must say – the method is exactly the same as when modeling any four-legged animal. Find a good realistic picture and try to sculpt as it looks like in life.I want to say that it makes no sense to learn how to sculpt cartoon images – there’s enough merely to do something and then confidently call “camel”( or “mountains” or “dragon”). In general, I encourage you to learn to draw and sculpt realistic images.

And I always suggest to sculpt animals(at least mammals) from one piece by way of extrusion. After all, the real organisms cannot be divided into parts while alive, and are a monolith.

Camel out of clay

It is a universal piece – the first step in modeling any animal.

 Camel from modeling clay

Next, you need to lengthen all the legs, neck, humps.

Plasticine camel

But we have to act gradually and work over the entire figure as a whole.

Plasticine camel step by step

I hope you keep in mind that we are shaping not only the right side as drawn in the picture, but we are working on left side by analogy.

Clay camel

And here is the result – clay camel stands as a living.

Clay camel

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