How to make a candle in cement

How to make a candle in cement

What do you need :

  • Cement
  • White candles
  • Can
  • Wooden stick

Step 1

Make a cement and water solution (3:2) and pour it into a can. Let the cement cure and put the can at the angle as shown at the photo below. Let it rest for two days.

Step 2

Gently crack candles, make sure you don’t crack wicks.

Step 3

Fix one end of the wick on a wooden stick and the second one drowned in a can with a cement.

Step 4

Heat the wax on the water bath .

Step 5

Liquid wax pour into the can. Let it rest until the wax cure.

Step 6

Cut the can and take the candle out if the can.

Step 7

Now your candle is done. Burn it and enjoy!




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