Plates and bowls from modelling clay

I want to give you some tips on how to teach children to sculpt cookware from modelling clay(plasticine). However, these recommendations will be useful to you in the case if you want not only to play and have fun, but your aim is to develop hands of kids and to teach them modeling as art.

Tip 1. For lesson, sculpt not the dishes in General, but specific bowl. And set the children the task to make a product similar to sample.


Tip 2. Provide children with large amounts of modelling clay and encourage them to mold large items.

Modelling clay bowl


Tip 3. Provide templates for modeling to make kitchenware smooth and really round.

Modelling clay bowl step-by-step

Tip 4. During modeling it is necessary to turn the bowl constantly, as if we were working on a pottery wheel. The shape of the bowl should be given gradually and without haste.

Modelling clay bowl

Tip 5. Be careful that the thickness of the plasticine were identical throughout the area of the bowl and especially at the edges. You’re not going to eat from the clay bowls, so that when the dish is ready, you can with a clear conscience alter it in on something else, such as in a plate.

Plasticine plate

It was practical advice on how to sculpt from clay small utensils like cups and saucers, molding cups and teapots we’ll talk next time.


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