How to sculpt a Triceratops out of clay

Let`s learn how to sculpt a dinosaur from modeling clay – such as Triceratops. We’re not stingy and will sculpt large craft out of plasticine.

This hack will not be difficult – in General, the Triceratops is quite simple in appearance. Large head, large torso and relatively short legs.

Triceratops from clay

The Triceratops neck was protected by high bone collar.

Modeling clay triceratops

Now sculpt two horns on his forehead and one on his nose. And, of course, we need to show the correct bends in the legs.

Plasticine triceratops

DIY Clay Triceratops is ready.We have to do only small parts like the eyes and beak.

Modeling clay triceratops.

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