How to sculpt a starfish from clay

Let`s learn how to sculpt a starfish out of modeling clay.

We have already studied how to draw starfish, you can sculpt it with full knowledge of the subject. But I know from experience that children often find it difficult to sculpt only on the imagination. So I give my young students the stencils.

Starfish pattern

This sample shows clearly the size and shape of a future DIY. In order for our classes contributed to the development of strength and skill of hands, we will mold fairly large piece of clay.

Clay starfish

Let’s start with flattening the clay.

Plasticine sea star

Quite thick pancakes turned out. Now we will gradually give it the shape of a pentagon.

  1. Starfish from clay
  2. Starfish out of clay
  3. Modeling clay starfish

Well, we made a very nice correct starfish. Now we’ll decorate the surface of it.

Starfish out of plasticine


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