How to sculpt an octopus out of clay

Let`s learn how to make an octopus from modeling clay. You can mold basing on image or imagination. I drew the schematic image and sculpted on the model. I decided to sculpt from parts.

Let’s start with preparing eight identical pieces:

Add body which is similar to the bag:

Modeling clay octopus

However,the body will have to wait. We lengthen tentacles and give them the form of neat cones.

Clay octopus step-by-step

Connect them as a star.This will be the bottom of our octopus, a hole in the middle is his mouth.

Plasticine octopus

Now, let us flip our crafts and attach the body on top – finally it is his time.

Clay octopus -3

We can say that the octopus is almost ready.

Add a few details. I take the marker blunt end and print circles – eyes and suckers on the tentacles.

Clay Octopus -bottom view

Well, we have put together this beautiful clay octopus.

Plasticine Octopus 13

Well, you learned how to make an octopus out of clay. But I want to advise you to read other articles about this mollusk:

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