Clay Rhino and Hippo

How to sculpt a Rhino and a Hippopotamus out of modelling clay.

Although we have already studied how to draw rhinos and hippos, we will sculpt these animals not from memory, but having the picture in front of the eyes. I decided to start with modeling Rhino.

Clay Rhinoceros step by step

When sculpting an animal from one piece of clay, the beginning is always the same.

Then extend the legs.

Rhino from clay

And sculpt the details of the head:

Rhino head out of clay

Specify rhinoceros armored carapace. And here we have a cute and realistic Rhino out of clay.

Rhino from clay

Plasticine Hippo – lesson 2

Do you remember this river giant? Honestly, the Behemoth looks like a huge sausage on short legs.

But we’ll mold it in the same sequence as that of a rhinoceros.

Hippo out of clay

And then give the similarity with the sample:

Plasticine Hippo

 Modelling clay Hippo

Clay Hippo

Hippo from plasticine is ready:

Clay Hippopotamus

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