How to sculpt a sheep from plasticine

Let`s learn how to sculpt a sheep from plasticine. For this you need to have a lot of clay and just need to know like a sheep looks. I’m serious, if you want to draw or sculpt something specific,you should not rely on memory and imagination. Really fantasy far can make – instead of sheep you can make the ship.

So let’s start. Choose realistic and simple picture of a sheep , it will be a model for sculpting.

I suggest sculpt from one piece.

Clay sheep

Continue to lengthen the legs. Indicate the general outlines of the head.

Modeling clay sheep

It’s time to go into details.

Sheep from modeling clay

Meet the realistic sculpture of a sheep from plasticine:

Sheep from plasticine

I promised to teach you how to sculpt plasticine sheep,but since you are such good people,here’s the bonus – the ram from plasticine:

Plasticine ram

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