How to make original decor

      How to make original decor
– Coffee cup holders, or egg trays
– PVA glue
– cardboard
– pencil
– acrylic paints
– brushes
– thin but strong wire
– a piece of branch or a block of wood for a stand
– dry moss
– sandpaper
– drill and thin drill bit
– glue gun

Step 1
Tear the trays into small pieces and fill with water. Leave to soak.
Step 2
Cut out fish shapes from caroton. I have z pcs

Step 3
After the paper has soaked completely, put it in a blender and chop it up. Squeeze out the water well. In the resulting mass add PVA glue. The more glue, the better. Mix well.


Step 4
Cover the cardboard fish figures on both sides with the mixture. Leave them to dry for 48 hours.


Step 5
Color the fish


Step 6
Use a drill to make holes in the branch and in the fish. The diameter of the drill bit should not be larger than the diameter of the wire

Step 7
Using a glue gun, attach the fish to the wire, then attach to the branch. Decorate with moss.
The decor is ready.

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