How to make a Christmas tree

To make a Christmas tree we will need:
a Styrofoam cone (any size),
linen fibre or wood shavings, cones of different sizes, acorns, roses and stars from orange peels, flowers from pistachio shells,dried lotus flower box, cotton, artificial berries, artificial Thuja twigs, kapron thread, sawed tree, glue gun.

Step 1

To make sure that the elements fit well onto the cone and that there are no gaps in the finished product, glue linen fibre or wood shavings around the cone. Wrap a piece of kapron thread around the cone for strength.

Step 2

Attach the larger pine cones to the bottom row. Cut off the tops of the cones so that they are well attached.

Step 3

Use a gun to glue all our elements onto the cone. The larger ones at the bottom and the smaller ones at the top. Fill the gaps between the elements with berries and thuja leaves.

The Christmas tree is ready.

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