How to make a candle holder out of cement in nautical style

                                          How to make a candle holder out of cement in nautical style

– cardboard cylinder (for the mold)
– cement
– glass beaker
– cling film
– abrasive paper
– twine (for decoration)
– seashells (for decoration)
– plaster heart (for decoration)
– candle (for decor)
– glue gun
– scissors
– stationery knife

Step 1
Prepare the form for pouring the mortar.
Lubricate the cylinder with oil, lightly. Wrap the glass beaker in cling film and grease it with oil.
Step 2
Prepare the solution:
Cement mix with gypsum in the proportion 1:1, pour cold water and knead. The solution should not be thick and not liquid.

Step 3
Pour half of the mortar into the mold.
Put a glass beaker in the center. Pour the mortar back in.
Shake well, so that the solution is evenly distributed in the form. Leave it to dry for 24 hours.

Step 4
After drying, carefully cut the form with a paper knife and remove it.

Step 5
If there are irregularities on the product, clean them up with sandpaper. After that, brush off the dust with a brush.

Step 6
Decorate the candlestick.
Using a glue gun, glue the product with twine around the circle (see photo).
In the center we fix a heart made of plaster and shells.
In the same way around the circle on the twine glue the seashells. At the end of the hole in the center insert a candle.
Our candlestick is ready.



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