How to make a felt pillow

How to make a felt pillow

What do tou need:

  • white cotton for pillow
  • fabric scissors
  • pins and fabric glue
  • pillow insert
  • felt

Step 1

First I cut a large, slightly askew, teardrop shape out of the felt. Then I cut notches into the sides so you could see the separation of the leaf panels that are in the paddle-shaped palm leaves. Once I had a completed leaf, I used that shape as the template to cut 3 more leaves.

Step 2

cut a 19×19″ square of white cotton for the front of my pillow (the finished size is 18×18″ with a 1/2″ seam allowance all the way around). (Wait to cut the fabric for the backside until you decide how you’ll finish the pillow.) I pinned the leaves in place, used a bit of fabric glue to secure them, and cut off any felt that was overhanging the cotton square.

Step 3

Once the glue was dry, I chose a similarly-colored thread and sewed around the edge of each leaf for a more finished look.

Step 4

I also made a narrow “V” shape with the stitching right down the middle of each leaf to mimic the vein of the stalk. That’s it!





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