How to Make an Easter Bunny

How to Make an Easter Bunny

– heavy cardboard
– gray felt
– silk flowers
– ribbon
– Styrofoam Easter Eggs
– coconut chips
– white acrylic paint
– glue gun

From cardboard cut out the figure of a rabbit and a stand for him


On the rabbit figurine at the bottom we leave the inserts. On the stand we make two holes for them.

From the felt cut two parts of the rabbit, for the two sides.On one of the parts make an allowance of 5 mm, in order to close the end. For the stand, cut a 5 mm wide strip. With it we will glue the end of the stand.Lubricate the protrusions on the rabbit with glue and insert it into the holes on the stand.


Glue the coconut shavings on the stand

Draw the rabbit’s ears and circles with acrylic paint. Attach flowers and Easter eggs to the stand. Make a ribbon bow and attach it.

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