How to make a candle out of concrete

How to make a candle out of concrete

I really like the combination of concrete and wax. The candles turn out very original, and if you add a little more imagination, they will turn out just magical. I love the sea, so I decided to make a candle in the sea style.

– cement
– sand
– mold for pouring the candle (tin can)
– sea stones
– sea shells
– paraffin candles
– candle wick
– wax crayons (you can use wax dyes)
– white acrylic paint
– matte varnish

Step 1
Make cement mortar (cement + sand) 2:1. The mortar should be thick. Lubricate 1/3 part of the mold (bottom) with a small amount of oil.
Fill the mold with 2 cm of mortar. Then place the sea pebbles in a circle. Fill the center with mortar. Fill so that there are no holes. The wax can leak into them and flood the pebbles. Pour a thin layer of sand 1 mm on top. Fix the wick in the center. Leave to harden for 24 hours.

Step 2
Melt the candles in a water bath. Divide the melted wax into not equal parts. In the smaller part add brown chalk, the color should not be dark. In the second add light blue chalk. And in the third dark blue.

Step 3

On a concrete base on a circle lay out sea shells and pour wax of light brown color. Wick must be fixed on a skewer, so that it was in the center. Let the wax harden. Pour light blue wax on top and also let it harden. And the last layer is dark blue wax. We leave it to harden for 3-4 hours.

After complete hardening of the wax carefully remove the candle from the mold.To do this, the top of the jar cut and slowly tear it. Coat the concrete base of the candle with a matte varnish.
Now a little more decorate our candle. For this purpose we put sea shells on top, having previously dipped them in melted wax.
With white acrylic paint we lightly color the edges of the wax (creating the effect of waves).

Our “Sea” candle is ready.

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