How to make a beer bouquet for a man

                   How to make a beer bouquet for a man
An edible bouquet is the best gift for a man.
– beer barrel
– double-sided tape
– foam plastic
– food film
– skewers
– toothpicks
– glue gun
– tape
– wrapping paper
– game sausages
– sausage stick
– Camembert cheese
– suluguni cheese
– cherry tomatoes

Step 1
We cut a circle out of the Styrofoam the diameter of the barrel. Wrap it in cling film and use a glue gun to glue it to the top of the barrel.

Step 2
Prepare the edible decorations. Roll thin hunting sausages into a circle and thread them onto a skewer. Cut the suluguni cheese into two pieces and thread onto the skewers. All other ingredients are cut and poked (see photo). Glue the skewers on four sides to the box with camembert cheese.
When everything is ready we start decorating. In the centre we attach the camembert cheese. All the other ingredients can be arranged to your liking.

Step 3
At the top of the barrel we put double-sided tape on the wrapping paper. Then glue scotch tape again and another layer of paper on it. Tie a ribbon

The beer bouquet is ready



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