How to make a candle out of cement

                                                             How to make a candle out of cement
– cement
– sand
– black acrylic paint
– plastic bottle
– soy wax
– wick
– gold
– varnish
– paint brush

We need to knead the mortar (cement + sand 1*2) and divide them into two unequal parts.
In the big half add acrylic paint of black color. The mortar should be thick.
Grease the plastic bottle with a small amount of oil. Pour the first part of the solution (not painted) into the mold. Then carefully pour the second part of the mortar into the mold. Place it so that one wall of the mold is covered with mortar up to the top. ( see photo).
Fix the wick in the mold and leave it to harden for 24 hours.

Melt wax on a water bath. Pour it into the mold. Fix the wick in the center. Leave to harden for 12 hours.

Remove the candle. Cover the concrete part of the candle with varnish. Lay out the gold and leave to dry.


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