How to make a Christmas wreath out of twigs

For the Christmas wreath we will need:
a twig wreath base, spruce branches, cones, dried lotus flower, Artificial berry sprigs, artificial leaves, natural reed,
Christmas tree decorations, wire, glue gun, artificial snow (spray), jute twine.

Step 1

First, we need to make a base out of branches. To do this, take branches that are not dry and twist them. Fix them with twine. Make a loop in the centre.

Step 2

Attach the spruce branches to the base with wire. Use a glue gun to attach the leaves and berries. Glue a flower in the centre. Also attach cones, lotus flowers.

Step 3

Now distribute the Christmas decorations over the wreath and attach them with a glue gun. Attach the dried Cane flower around the edges.

Step 4

Finish by sprinkling the wreath lightly with artificial snow.
The Christmas wreath made from twigs is ready.

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