How to make a pretty Easter composition

                                                         How to make a pretty Easter composition

We will need these materials:
– A balloon
– thin paper
-PVA glue
– sandpaper
– white acrylic paint
– acrylic varnish
– floral foam for artificial flowers
– artificial flowers and greenery
– hay
– coconut chips
– twigs
– hollow quail eggs
– feathers
– ceramic rabbit figurine
– scissors
– glue gun

Step 1
Making an egg out of plaster
To do this, we first need to make a popemache.

We inflate the ball and cover it with paper, soaking it in a glue solution (Glue + water 1:1)
So we do 4 layers. each layer should dry for 24 hours
After the fourth layer dried, cut the balloon and remove it.

Use scissors to cut out the shape of a broken egg.
Then we dilute the plaster. Take two parts of the plaster and one part of the water. Mix well and pour into the mold. Spin the mold in a circle so the plaster is well distributed on all sides. Leave it for 24 hours for hardening.
Then we take off all the paper from the form.

With the same mortar we grease the outside of the form and leave it for 24 hours. To make our egg strong, we smear the inside with gypsum mortar.
After drying, we grind all irregularities with sandpaper.
We paint the egg with white acrylic paint and after drying cover with varnish.

Step 2
Assemble the composition

From the branches we twist a wreath, not a big one.
We cut the floral foam to the size of the egg and fix it inside.

Attach flowers and greenery. Place hay and coconut fibers around it. Fix the figure of a rabbit.
Attach hollow quail eggs and feathers to the wreath.
Put the egg in the center of the wreath.
The composition is ready.



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