How to make a felt fox cup holder

How to make a felt fox cup holder

What do you need:

Step 1

Print out the fox template at full size. Cut out each of the individual pieces. Pin the cutout pattern pieces to the felt. The fox’s head and body are orange; its tail, face and ears are white; and its eyes and nose are black. Carefully cut all of the pattern pieces out of the felt, then remove the pins and paper template.

Step 2

Secure all of the separate layers with tacky glue. Tip: Use a toothpick for the really tiny pieces.

Step 3

Once your fox is assembled, wrap the body portion around your cup and glue all the way around the edge for a tight fit.

Step 4

Glue the fox’s head to its body at a slight tilt. Let your cozy dry before you use it.

Step 5
Brew up your favorite hot drink and take it to go.
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