How to make an oil candle from a regular light bulb

                                            How to make an oil candle from a regular light bulb

If you have a burned out light bulb, don’t rush to throw it away. You can make an original candle out of it.


– plastic mold
– cement
– sand
– electric bulb
– rope
– heart figurine made of wood 9 for decoration)
– wick (can be cotton string)
– wick holder
-vegetable oil
-glue gun

Step 1
Disassemble the light bulb. Carefully disassemble the base, i.e. remove the cap. Take out the insides.
Step 2
We mix cement mortar (cement + sand, 1:1). Pour it into a plastic mold (the mold can be any).
In the center insert the bulb with the bulb socket upwards. Leave it to harden for 24 hours.

Step 3
After solidification remove the product from the mold

Step 4
Decorate the candle and prepare it for use
Using a glue gun, glue the rope to the cement base. Attach the heart figurine.
Using a medical syringe pour vegetable oil into the electric bulb. Insert the wick with the holder.

The oil lamp from a regular light bulb is ready to go




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