How to make a sloth out of corrugated cardboard

    How to make a sloth out of corrugated cardboard

I propose to make with children sloth from corrugated cardboard. Crafts from corrugated cardboard turn out voluminous and airy. And so to make a sloth we need such materials:
– corrugated cardboardю
– glue gun
– acrylic paints
– brush
– pencil
– ruler
– scissors
– toy eyes

Step 1
Cut strips of corrugated cardboard.
I got these dimensions:
– 3cm *1m 5 pcs (head 2 pcs, torso 3 pcs)
– 3cm*55cm 4 pcs (ears 2 pcs, legs 2 pcs)
– 2cm* 30cm 2pcs (arms)
– 0.5 cm* 25 cm 1 pc (nose)

Step 2
Twist each piece tightly (see photo)

Paint the torso and nose with acrylic paint.
Step 4
Use a glue gun to glue all the parts together.

The corrugated cardboard sloth is ready



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