Papercraft Grasshopper

Let`s learn how to make a grasshopper out of paper. I myself made a model of a grasshopper right in the classroom.A realistic image of a grasshopper was taken as a landmark.

 Papercraft Grasshopper

Ten-year-old students looked at how I did, but did not copy, but did according to their projects.I got such an “Grasshopper”:

I immediately warned the children that starting work on the crafts was not necessary from parts like antennas or legs, but from where everything was attached, from the torso.

Paper insect making

We turn the triangular piece of paper into a cone, outline three sides and glue the seam.

Papercraft insects

Next, cut a strip of paper for the chest:

DIY paper insect

Grasshopper chest

We determine the proportions directly in the course of work, but try to do larger, but not smaller, because cutting paper is easier than stretching it.

The head will also be a cone rolled out of a triangle.

 Grasshopper`s head making

But let’s put this head aside and take care of the legs. The back saltatorial legs need a very large piece of paper.

DIY insect step by step

Paper grasshopper stepby step

The remaining four legs are much smaller, but still – do not skimp, make them expressive.

Paper grasshopper legs

DIY grasshopper`s legs

Now glue the grasshopper’s legs, I used a thermal gun, because it’s more reliable. We cut out two oblong wings, eyes and antennas.

DIY grasshopper step-by-step instruction

Glue the head also with a thermal gun.

Papercraft Grasshopper

I must say that the grasshopper models that my students made were no worse than this, and maybe even cooler.

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