DIY Puppy model from toilet paper rolls

Let`s learn how to make DIY Puppy model from toilet paper rolls.

When I was going to make a puppy out of TPR, I immediately realized that his head would be large and relatively heavy. This meant that the toy needed to be given such a pose so that the head was located lower. So, let it stand dropping on its front legs. Besides for fun, I decided to try to make a model without using glue.

So, at first I imagined this puppy, then I tried to make it and made sure that the toy is harmonious and has sufficient balance. And only then I took the model apart to show all the detailes to you.

Puppy DIY model

The legs are made of very hard cardboard in the form of arches. These arches are inserted into slots on the underside of the body. The slot for the rear legs is vertical, for the front legs it is inclined. The tail is inserted into the slit on the rump.

All parts hold together well because the slots are very narrow and their edges grip the details. But I had to rack my brain over the method of attaching the head.


I made the head from a whole paper roll, just cut it obliquely to slightly reduce the lower jaw. The large, oval ears have flaps at the base that fit into symmetrical slots.

I made the neck from a long strip of the same hard and resilient cardboard that I used for the legs.

TPR puppy craft

The lower end of the neck is passed through a slot on the body and, since it is very long, it rests against the stomach inside and is held due to its rigidity.

Paper Puppy out of TPR

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