How to make a crab out of colored paper

                                                       How to make a crab out of colored paper

– colored paper

– colored cardboard (blue)
– scissors
– glue
– markers (white, black)

Step 1
Cut out the parts:
– 10 cm diameter circle – 1 pc (red)
– 3.5 cm diameter circle – 4 pieces (red)
– A circle with a diameter of 2.5 cm – 8 pieces (red)
– 1.5 cm round – 2 pcs (white)
– two strips 1,5*4 cm – 2 pcs (red)
– tummy (orange)
– algae (green)

Step 2.
Fold the parts in half, but not all (see photo).

Step 3
Glue parts on blue cardboard. One by one (see photo)

Step 4
Draw the eyes with a black marker. Use a white marker to draw water bubbles.


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