How to make a wall clock out of concrete

              How to make a wall clock out of concrete

My wall clock broke, or rather the glass broke. I immediately do not throw anything away, I look where I can use it. So it happened with the clock. The body of the clock is intact, the mold for pouring is already there. The mechanism is intact.
– sand
– mold for pouring (watch case) .You can use a cardboard box.
– clock mechanism
-twig with leaves
-acrylic paint (Bronze)
– universal varnish
– brush

Step 1
Prepare the mold for pouring. Remove the movement from the watch. In the hole for the hour hands insert a plastic tube. The hole for fixing on the wall will be covered with foil. In the mold for pouring there are cracks and chips, I glue them with hot glue.
Oil the mold.

Step 2
Prepare cement-sand mortar in proportions 2:1.
Pour the mortar into the mold. Put a sprig of leaves on top of the mortar and press it slightly. Leave to harden for 24 hours.

After hardening, remove the twig, plastic tube and foil.
Paint the leaf imprint with acrylic bronze paint.
We cover the clock with universal varnish

Step 4
Attach the mechanism, install the hour hands, insert the batteries.


Concrete clock is ready.





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