How to make a Cylinder from paper (cardboard)

Let`s learn how to make three-dimensional geometric figures from paper. During the first lesson we will make a paper cylinder.

At first glance it seems that this DIY is very simple. But on yesterday’s lesson at school I saw the difficulties encountered by the children during the making of this DIY. So I decided to tell the whole course of manufacture in detail, step by step.

Draw this diagram with a ruler:

Cylinder stensil

Cut by the bottom line. Fold the narrow margins and make frequent cuts.

Paper Cylinder step by step

Twist the blank to the tube so the paper has acquired a slight bend. Apply glue stick to one side:

Paper Cylinder 13

Overlap the opposite edge of the paper on the adhesive strip and wait until the glue dries.

Paper cylinder billet

Now we need to glue the two bottoms.

Paper Cylinder DIY

But how we will be able to determine the size of these bottoms right?

Don’t worry,there’s a way! Just glue two large pieces of paper.

Paper Cylinder 13

And now trim the exposed edges.

How to make a paper Cylinder

That’s all – our cylinder from paper is ready.

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