Papercraft Fox

We start a series of articles on the topic of fox crafts.

Let`s make a cute Fox out of paper.

Yesterday my little pupils painted Fox coloring pages, and the one who did it first, I made a fun gift -I made a model Fox out of paper. When the kids saw me making a Fox, they were very inspired and began to ask for the same toys.

But of course, I couldn’t make a pack of foxes for the entire class. I offered to teach them how to make such a pet. So they stayed one more lesson breeding paper foxes. Actually, the Fox is easy to make.
Here is a pattern/template:

Paper Fox template

Paper Fox pattern

You see places where you need to make the folds. It is easy to bend the tail down. But the neck will have some trouble. You need to make two folds on the neck. The first is to bend the head back fully along the back. The secondonward and upwardhere he is the biggest difficulty. My kids beat the hell out of their foxes necks untill they managed this very fold.

Paper fox craft

Now bend the head down:

Paper fox craft

And decorate the head with two triangular ears:

Paper fox

I wish your papercraft foxes good luck!

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