How to make a paper Dog (Wolf)

I teach my little pupils modeling from paper and cardboard, of course, not in order to have these models made and all. Of course, I want to develop creativity and spatial imagination of children. So I try not to give them unequivocal samples for exact copy. It is enough to show how I make my own model and invite children to invent their own versions. Well,this was the entry. Now I’ll show you how I make a paper dog,and you look and come up with your own.

Papercraft dog step by step

Here is a sample pattern for the model of dog in General:

Fold along the axis of symmetry and your dog will stand on its feet. The most tricky and difficult is to bend the neck properly.Do it in two stages-first bend the head back to back, and then forward and up.

Step 1.

Dog out of paper

Step 2.

Dog out of paper and cardboard

And bend down the head:

Papercraft dog 13

Turned out cute dogman’s best friend. But we can make a paper dog more serious, such as a dogshepherd. And when you consider that such dogs are descended from wolves,then our model can be considered for the wolf out of paper. З

Paper wolf

We will make a Wolf out of the paper about it this way:

Papercraft Wolf pattern

Make two bends at the base of the neck:

Paper Wolf

Bend the head and make a crease on the nasal bridgethe facial expression immediately become very harsh:

Paper dog 13

Well, you understand that the ears have to be cut out as individual parts and glued exactly in their place.

Papercraft wolf 49

I told you how to make a paper dog/wolf and showed only two models, but they can come up with countlessso get busy!

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