DIY paper Cat

Let`s learn how to make an easy paper Cat model. No, no, I do not mean those complex papercraft models that resemble multi-faceted sculptures, our cats will be easy to make and more amusing than monumental and serious.

Cute Cat paper model – 1

I said – “paper model”, but in fact it is better to use cardboard for children’s crafts.

We take a strip of cardboard (paper).

Cardboard strip

We make such a line drawing and cut along these lines.

Line drawing

Then bend this part in a steep arc.

Papercraft models

Bend the bars in the middle up – this will be the neck and tail.

Cat DIY ideas

Draw a cat face оn a small piece of cardboard.

Diy cat

Make sure that the head of the cat is proportional to the body.

Cat DIY paper model

Glue the cat’s head to the neck:

Papercraft Cat Model

Well: paper model of a cat is ready!

DIY paper Cat

Now you know how to make a funny wayward cat out of paper or cardboard.

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