DIY Paper Mouse

Let`s learn how tomake a paper mouse. But I immediately warn that these will be the crafts glued from paper parts, not origami. Although, we must admit that the ability to deftly bend paper will be very useful to us. When I need to invent a way to make some crafts, I first do it at random, and then I disassemble the result into parts. So, I folded, glued and cut the paper and got a paper mouse:

Now let’s straighten it.

Paper mouse pattern

The pattern is very simple. But a lot of folds! In the figure, I specially emphasized them with lines. As you can see, many of these folds are triangular, not simple.

But let’s start reassembling the paper mouse. Bend the head to the back.

Mouse of paper


And then we bend the workpiece along the length and at the same time move our head forward:

Papercraft mouse folding

Now the neck of the model is directed forward and upward. But turning up their nose isn’t in the style of mice. Bend its head down with the same triangular bend.

DIY paper mouse

Yes, that’s how it is done.

Now the same fold behind the front legsб and also in front of the hind legs.

Paper mouse stepby step

That’s all! We figured out all the folds. Now cut out and glue round ears on our heads and draw symmetrical eyes and mustaches.

Paper mouse

Lesson 2

Paper mouse model

Let’s make a paper model of a seated mouse.

Disassembled into parts, it looks like this:

Papercraft mouse

The head is, of course, made in the form of a cone with ears on the sides:

Paper mousse head

DIY mouse head

The long strip of paper is used to attach the head to the torso and serves as a neck:

Details for making paper crafts mouse

Glue it all together and get a pretty mouse:

Papercraft Mouse


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