How to make a Paper Elephant model

How to make a Paper Elephant model step by step instruction.

You and I have already learned how to make a mammoth model, but the repetition is the mother of skill, and we will quickly make a more civilized animal today.

Here is the pattern:

Elephant pattern

Cut along the solid lines.

 Papercraft elephant pattern

Now we will shape the head by flexing. Moreover, these folds are obtained empirically. A sad remark to the side: as a rule, children either don’t try to figure out ways to bend themselves, or if they fail the first time, they immediately start moaning to help them and do everything for them. But it is still better to offer children to look for ways on their own.

Paper elephant`s head

Glue the valves on the stomach. And bend the trunk like “?” Cut a tail from a piece of trim.

 How to make a Papercraft elephant elephant

That’s all – an elephant model of paper is ready.

Papercraft elephant


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