How to make a paper crocodile model

How to make a toy paper crocodile model.

The other day I had to hold a master class for making cardboard animal toys. I decided that it would be interesting for children to make, for example, a crocodile. It is clear that I myself had to invent a model. At first intuitively at random, I made such a crocodile:

It seems to be a good toy. Now I will repeat in stages what I did for the first time at random. I want to say that this is not origami and the size and appearance of the parts can be changed as desired.

I fold a long strip of cardboard along and draw a contour.

Paper crocodile pattern

I cut along the lines decorating the tail with zigzags:

Paper crocodile modelling

I cut teeth in jaw too:

DIY crocodile

I cut out the eyes and the nose pad from pieces of paper.

Paper models

I bend over and glue details with eyes.

Paper crocodile head

I stick a green overlay on top.

 Paper Crocodile`s head

How nice!

But our crocodile still needs a lower jaw to chew.

Paper crocodile detailesThe crocodile jaw

I very precisely stick his jaw exactly in the middle so that the crocodile does not turn out with crooked mouth.

Paper DIY crocodile

And now the paper crocodile head is ready:

DIY cardboard toys

Then I take a long strip of green paper, fold it in four and draw a “leg” with claws:

 Paper crocodile in stages

I cut and bending these legs again in a zigzag:

DIY Crocodile step by step

By gluing the legs correctly, I get a lovely paper crocodile:

Papercraft crocodile

This crocodile is very good, but it is long and difficult to make, if you want a simpler model, then here is an easy lesson on DIY crocodile.

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