TP Roll DIY Frog

Let`s learn how to make a paper frog. I myself made this craft from TP Rolls, but this toy can be made from thin cardboard rolled into a tube.

1.Take a cardboard roll and flatten slightly so that corners appear:

Diy cardboard frog

2.These corners should be cut in an arc:

Paprcraft frog step by step

3.Measure about a third of the length of the cylinder and make a cut:

 Paper Frog making lesson

4. Bend the “neck” so that the gap is closed and glue it from the inside with a strip of paper:

Papercraft frogs body

5. Close the frog’s mouth and glue it from the inside with a piece of adhesive tape.

Paper frog Diy

6. Cut out such a detail from the second cylinder.

TP roll frog

7. And attach it to the bottom of the “torso”:

How to make a frog out of cardboard

8. Make and glue eyes on the head:

Frog eyes

9. Cut out the hind legs, they should have a large enough footprint:

Hind legs of a cardboard frog

10. Cut out and CORRECTLY bend the front legs:

Frog front legs

11. Attach them roughly where the shoulders should be. Note that the palms are turned inward.

Toilet Paper RollDIY Craft- Frog

Now you know how to make a Toilet Paper Roll DIY frog step by step.


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