How to make a paper Puppy

How to make a papercraft Puppy. Papercraft-then, of course, papercraft, but it’s just a toy puppy, not extremely complicated geometric model.

You and I have already learned how to make a dog out of paper. But what’s interesting is that models can be made in different ways. Today again we will make a doggy, and in order to somehow distinguish, let’s call the topic “paper puppy”.

I invent new ways right on the go. Let`s start.

Begin with the body. Take any rectangular piece of cardboard and, for example, bend it along. Choose a second piece of cardboard of a much larger size and bend across – we are going to make long legs.


Cut the legs.

Papercraft modelsPaper modelling

Hmm, a lot of excess cardboard is left. It’s a pity, but we will not miss another time and take the right piece.

Glue the legs to the puppy’s body:

Paper modelling instruction

Now we need to somehow attach the head and tail … but how?

And here, for example, this way, instead of one fold along the back, we will do two:

 DIY Paper puppy

Now, neck and tail are glued easily:

Paper models for kids

Cut a head out of a folded piece of paper:

Papercraft doggy

Glue the head to the neck – that’s it! – Now we can revive our paper puppy.

Paper toy puppy

Our DIY paper Puppy(doggy) is ready.


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