How to make a bird model out of paper step by step

How to make a bird model out of paper. For example a duck.

In most models, the most (and only) difficult stage is neck flexion. If you have mastered this tricky double fold, then you can easily make ANY animal model. So please read these two lessons here – “How to make a fox out of paper” and “How to make a paper dog or wolf.”

And now for you it will be just a trifle to make a bird out of paper. We will not even draw a pattern.

Take a strip of paper and bend it along.

Paper models step by step

Now straighten and bend approximately in the middle across.

Papercraft models

Here in this place, we will do exactly the double crease through which the neck of the model rises.

Paper bird model -step 1

We bent and got the basis for the bird model.

 Bird model out of paper or cardboard

Now bend down the head (this is also described in great detail in those two lessons).

 Papercraft bird making

It used to seem that the neck was prohibitively long, and when it was bent, the whole length was spent. But now our product has acquired the obvious features of a duck or a goose. I will not draw the cutting line, but I will cut it out right away by simply eyeballing.

Papercraft duck model

In the same way as we raised the neck, bend the folds on the tail.

Paper duck model

Draw a beak and eyes. Cut out two identical teardrop-shaped wings from the resulting trim.

How to make a papercraft bird(duck)

With wide ends, glue them into the folds on the neck of the model.

 Paper bird model

Well, telling was longer than making this bird model out of paper.

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