How to make a Paper Turtle

This is another article from the series “turtle crafts for kids”.

Let`s learn how to make a Turtle out of paper/cardboard. But just know that this papercraft has nothing to do with the art of origami. We will make a turtle from a few cut-out pattern details.

Papercraft turtle – lesson 1

You can see that this paper turtle consists of a torso and two parts of the carapace – the top bigger and the bottom smaller. Cut these items out of paper. Black bold lines indicate locations where you need to make the slits or tuck.

First we will connect the torso and the lower part of the shell. Just put head and tail into the slits in the detail.

Paper turtle craft for kids

On the upper part of the four radial tuck make little push and stick with any glue. And now put the head and tail into the slots in the front and back of the top part of the shell.

DIY paper turtle

That’s all. Our homemade papercraft turtle is ready:

Paper turtle for kids 13

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